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Movie summaries are provided by Sue Gossett, author of THE FILMS AND CAREER OF AUDIE MURPHY.
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Audie's Big Break in Hollywood.

Learn how Audie Murphy landed his first major role in his third film, BAD BOY, which helped launch his career as a leading actor in Hollywood and as a dominant star in western films.

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Beyond Glory.
Movie #1

Rocky (Alan Ladd) thinks he may have been the cause of his commanding officer's death in the country of Tunisia. He visits Captain Daniels' widow (Donna Reed) out of guilt and he falls for her. She also falls for him and encourages him to attend West Point. While there, he faces a severe disciplinary action and may be court-martialled.

In Audie's first movie, he has a small part as a cadet roommate, Thomas, and appears in several scenes with Alan Ladd. Although his role is small in this film, Audie achieved his first critical write-up: "Audie Murphy makes his debut and does right well for himself. You'll recognize him. He's the one with the southern drawl." Paul Picerni, who later plays Valentino in TO HELL AND BACK, also makes his film debut with Audie.

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Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven
Movie #2

In his second movie, Audie has a small role as a newspaper copy boy. This movie is a comedy about two Texans who meet on their way to New York and become involved with some very zany characters.

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Bad Boy
Movie #3

With Audie's first starring role, he plays a juvenile delinquent. This film bridges a chronological and cinematic theme between the release of Boys Town and a more realistic look at dysfunctional youths of the 1950s. Danny Lester (Audie) is definitely a young man somewhat out of control. There seems to be no reason for his violent behavior until it is discovered his step-father blames him for his mother's death. In the end, Danny is found to be innocent of a crime he thinks he committed, killing his mother. He is exonerated of the charges and winds up being an engineering student at Texas A&M.

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The Kid from Texas
Movie #4

Billy the Kid (Audie) is caught up in the middle of a range war. He soon becomes a wanted man and goes on a killing spree after the murder of the man who gives him his friendship. Billy is hunted down and finally killed by Pat Garrett in a shootout.

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Movie #5

Making a living as a mustanger, Ring Hassard (Audie) is a young man who has had virtually no contact with people. He and his father have been living a reclusive life in the mountains. Ring is charged with rustling horses and is defended by Riley Martin (Wanda Hendrix). Riley finds out the truth about Ring and his father who has been wrongly accused of murder. At the time this movie was made, Wanda Hendrix was also Audie's wife.

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Kansas Raiders
Movie #6

Audie portrays a young Jesse James. He and his brother Frank become new members of Quantrill's Raiders who consider themselves Confederate sympathizers. They are best known for their bloody attack on Lawrence, Kansas. Jesse finally realizes that this is not the life he wants to lead but stays with Quantrill until the soldiers find them and Quantrill is killed.

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The Red Badge of Courage
Movie #7

Based on Stephen Crane's classic novel, this is a story about a frightened boy, Henry Fleming (Audie) who went into battle and came out of it a man with courage. He's really scared on the inside but talks tough on the outside. He finds that being in battle causes him to panic and run away. He sees his comrades wounded and regards them in an envious way wishing that he too had a red badge of courage. He gathers back his courage and leads the men on an aggressive attack carrying the colors. He is later recognized by the general for leading the charge. This movie was directed by the legendary John Huston who insisted over the protests of studio executives that Audie play the lead role. This is one of Audie's finest performances.

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The Cimarron Kid
Movie #8

After forced to become a fugitive, Audie as Bill Doolin, joins up with his old gang. They attempt to rob two banks in Coffeyville, Kansas but the robbery does not go as planned. Several gang members are killed but Doolin escapes. He is made the new leader and the gang begins a spree of robberies. During a daring train robbery, most of the gang is killed but Doolin is persuaded by his girlfried to give himself up.

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The Duel at Silver Creek
Movie #9

Claim jumpers rob and kill miners who have struck it rich. After the murder of his father, Luke Cromwell, (Audie) alias the Silver Kid, seeks out the murderers by working for the marshal. He finds out that the marshal's girlfriend is really one of the gang and exposes her and her brother as the real killers.

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Movie #10

After winning a ranch in a poker game, Reb Kittridge (Audie) finds out that there is no money to pay the hands. Cattle must be taken to market but at every turn, Telford, who wants the land, tries to thwart Reb's every way to keep him from getting the cattle to town. Even after they stampede the cattle, Reb still manages to maintain the drive and keep the ranch.

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Column South
Movie #11

A Union officer, Jed Sayre (Audie) is under the command of a Captain who thinks the Indians are responsible for the death of a prospector. However, white men have tried to make it look like the Indians did the killing and Sayre, who is very protective of the Indians, sets out to prove they are innocent.

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Movie #12

Jim Harvey (Audie) is guiding a wagon train across the prairie when they are attacked by Indians. Jim tries to reason with the Indians but is captured while the men in the wagon train are killed. Jim is accused of being a traitor. Tumbleweed (Jim's horse) helps him find water and virtually saves his life. Jim is cleared of any suspicion when the Yaqui chief names another man who actually did the killing.

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Ride Clear of Diablo
Movie #13

After his father and brothers are killed by rustlers, Clay O'Mara (Audie) tracks down the men by going after Whitey Kincade, a ruthless killer. Clay and Whitey become friends and Whitey helps Clay locate and bring to justice the real murderers but not before Whitey is killed saving Clay's life.

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Drums Across the River
Movie #14

Gary Brannon (Audie) and his father run a freight business. Gold is buried in the San Juan Mountains where it is forbidden for the white man to mine. Gary's father is kidnapped and Gary is forced to steal a safe from the stagecoach to make it look like the Indians did it. Gary is accused and is sentenced to hang but Sam, his father along with his captors, rescues Gary. Gary in turn kills the real murderers and assures the Indian Chief that peace will be preserved.

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Movie #15

A small frontier town in the old west is being controlled by the cutthroat villian and mob boss Decker. After the sheriff is mysteriously shot in the back, Destry (the son of a famous fist swinging lawman) is summoned by a drunkard and newly appointed sheriff to become the deputy. However, the mild-mannered Deputy Destry doesn't even carry a gun. But the new deputy does pack an iron determination to see that justice prevails.

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To Hell and Back
Movie #16

This is Audie Murphy's life story. At the tender age of 12, he becomes the head of the family after his father deserts them. He joins the army at the age of 18 and through the course of the war is decorated for valor nine times thus becoming the most decorated combat soldier in World War II. Audie does one of the bravest acts any soldier ever did during the war. He climbs aboard a burning tank destroyer and single handedly keeps the enemy from advancing on his position. He spends almost an hour on top of the tank destroyer until his ammunition is exhausted. Seconds later after climbing off the tank destroyer, it explodes. For this action, Audie receives the Medal of Honor.

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World in My Corner
Movie #17

Audie portrays a boxer. A young man from the wrong side of the tracks, winds up fighting for a rich industrialist, falls in love with his daughter, and proves to the world that he is a champion despite a terrible beating he endures at the hands of a crooked fight promoter. His opponent in the final bout is professional boxer Chico Vejar.

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Walk the Proud Land
Movie #18

This is the true story of John Philip Clum, Indian Agent for the Apaches. He pacified the Apaches, forced the surrender of Geronimo, and spent the rest of his life fighting for the welfare of the Indians.

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Joe Butterfly
Movie #19

This is Audie's only comedy. He is a photographer for the Yank newspaper in Japan. He gets into all kinds of trouble but never consciously plans for bad things to happen. He accidentally takes a picture of one of the numerous Tokyo Roses and the magazine is able to publish their exclusive scoop.

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The Guns of Fort Petticoat
Movie #20

Audie Murphy co-produced this film and plays the part of a Union soldier who deserts the Army. He is out to warn the women of the territory that the Indians are on the warpath. He herds them together at the mission where he teaches them how to fight. There they stand off the Comanches. He goes back to the Army to await court martial but the women come to his defense and he is acquitted.

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Night Passage
Movie #21

Audie co-stars in this western as the semi-heavy brother of James Stewart. He is an outlaw with Whitey Harbin (Dan Duryea). However, the Utica Kid (Audie) doesn't share in the way Whitey runs the gang. He winds up on the side of his brother but is killed in the final shootout.

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The Quiet American
Movie #22

Set in Saigon in 1952, Audie plays the part of an American who is trying to promote a free government and economy in this war torn land. In flashbacks, after the American is killed, the British newspaper man, Fowler (Michael Redgrave) tries to justify his involvement with the murder.

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Ride a Crooked Trail
Movie #23

Audie plays a bank robber who is mistaken for a marshal. He gets the job as the town marshal but keeps trying to rob the bank. He is later discovered by the Judge (Walter Matthau) that he really is a crook. However, another robber tries to break into the bank but Audie brings him to justice after deciding that being on the side of law and order is to his liking.

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The Gun Runners
Movie #24

This movie was the second re-make of the Ernest Hemingway novel titled To Have and Have Not and one of the few non-westerns in which Audie stars. He plays Sam Martin who owns a charter boat. He makes a living taking people fishing. He gets mixed up in a gun running deal because he is broke and needs the money.

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No Name on the Bullet
Movie #25

This western has Audie playing a hired killer, John Gant. His appearance in any town means that someone is going to die. The townspeople are nervous thinking he was hired to kill one of them. They fight amongst themselves not knowing who Gant has come to kill. The final outcome is a surprise to everyone, including Gant.

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The Wild and the Innocent
Movie #26

Audie plays a mountain youth not nurtured in the ways of civilization. He comes across a rather unkempt girl played by Sandra Dee and together they go into town where they are celebrating the 4th of July. Audie manages to get into trouble, falling for a dancehall girl. The sheriff is a crook and Audie winds up killing him after he has hired Rosalie (Dee) as part of the saloon staff. Audie and Sandra eventually go back into the mountains together.

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Cast a Long Shadow
Movie #27

Audie Murphy co-produced this film and plays the part of a saddletramp who inherits the ranch of the man he thinks was his father. Not knowing that the ranch is deep in debt, he takes a chance and goes on a cattle drive to raise money needed to keep the ranch running. There are those who try to sabotage his efforts but eventually the cattle get to market and the ranch is saved.

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The Unforgiven
Movie #28

This film was Audie's second opportunity to work in a movie directed by John Huston and Audie turns in another stellar performance. This film also gave Audie (Cash Zachary) the opportunity to play a character role. He is cast as the fiery brother of Burt Lancaster who has a hatred of Indians. When he finds out that his sister, played by Audrey Hepburn, is an Indian, he goes off the deep end. After the family is attacked by the Kiowas, Cash is right there fighting with his brothers and sister and eventually comes to realize that his prejudice was all in vain.

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Hell Bent for Leather
Movie #29

A case of mistaken identity has Audie defending himself against a crazed sheriff who is out to gain glory even if it means capturing the wrong man.

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Seven Ways from Sundown
Movie #30

When Seven-Ways-From-Sundown Jones (Audie) reports for his new job with the Texas Rangers, he is immediately given the toughest assignment, that of bringing in a killer. Eventually, Seven becomes friends with Jim Flood, played by Barry Sullivan, but realizes that Flood is a killer and must be stopped.

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Posse from Hell
Movie #31

The town of Paradise is terrorized by a group of outlaws. They kill the marshal and Banner Cole (Audie) hunts them down. With but one man left by his side, (John Saxon), the killers are eliminated but not without a heavy price to pay.

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Battle at Bloody Beach
Movie #32

It is World War II in the Philippines, during the Japanese occupation. An American (Audie) is looking for his wife who has been fighting in the resistance with a group of guerrillas. Together they finish the mission he started, to defeat the Japanese.

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Six Black Horses
Movie #33

Saved from being hanged as a horse thief by Frank Jesse, (Dan Duryea), Ben Lane (Audie) and Frank meet up with Kelly (Joan O'Brien) who pays them to take her to a little town to be with her husband. In reality, Kelly is setting Frank up and wants to kill him because he killed her husband in a shootout. Encounters with Indians makes Frank decide he doesn't want to go further. Eventually, it comes to a showdown between Ben and Frank and Frank is killed.

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Movie #34

Two cowboy wranglers Chris Foster (Audie) and Bert Pickett (Charles Drake), are inadvertently put in irons for fighting. The "iron maypole" has an iron collar at the end of each chain for the prisoners. They are forced to get loose from the maypole but remain prisoners of the killer La Valle. La Valle robs the safe but Bert finds some bonds to turn in for cash. He tries to bargain with La Valle for their lives. Chris goes into town to cash the bonds. Finally, after Bert is killed trying to get the money to his girl Estelle, Chris kills several of the gang including La Valle while he and Estelle (Kathleen Crowley) are able to begin a new life together.

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Gunfight at Comanche Creek
Movie #35

Audie plays a Pinkerton-style detective in this action Western. He pretends to be a wanted man to tempt the outlaws to take him to their hideout. They force him to rob the bank which puts a price on his head. When the price gets high enough, he is to be killed for the reward money. However, the tables are turned and all of the outlaws are killed or captured.

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The Quick Gun
Movie #36

Audie is a gunfighter who returns to the town in which he was born. However, he is also not welcome because of his reputation. The old gang he used to run with wants to rob the bank but Audie warns the town and after the sheriff is killed trying to bluff the outlaws, Audie practically single-handedly rids the town of the killers.

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Bullet for a Badman
Movie #37

Audie is a retired Ranger who meets up with an old friend, Sam Ward, played by Darren McGavin, who has turned bad. Audie married the former wife of the Ranger who vows revenge. The friend and his gang rob the bank and Audie goes after him only to find that in the end, Sam (Darren McGavin) saves his life in the final shootout.

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Apache Rifles
Movie #38

As a Captain in the Union Calvary, Jeff Stanton (Audie) is charged with trying to force the Indians back to their reservation. Miners also have tried to dig for gold and torture and kill the Indians to do so. Stanton sees the injustice to the Indians and tries to help them. He also falls in love with a half-breed girl. During a peaceful visit to the Indian camp, Stanton is betrayed by the Colonel in charge. Stanton is seriously injured but recovers, and is put back in charge of the post command.

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Arizona Raiders
Movie #39

Audie is again part of Quantrill's Raiders but is captured and sentenced to prison. He is offered a pardon if he will cooperate and infiltrate the raiders' inner circle. He and his friend Willie (Ben Cooper) don't really fool the leader and after Ben tries to go for help, is killed. Audie finally goes after the outlaws and peace returns to the territory.

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Movie #40

Chad Lucas (Audie) is the sheriff in a small town. The bank is robbed by a vicious killer who kidnaps Chad's former girlfriend. As Chad forms a posse to go after them, he encounters several unfortunate incidents while in pursuit. However, in the end, Chad prevails and the outlaws are killed while he and Uvalde renew their romance.

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The Texican
Movie #41

Produced by M.C.R. Productions, Inc. in which Murphy was a one third owner. Audie plays a disgraced lawman, Jess Carlin, who is after his brother's killer. He risks going into Texas only to find that he is being pursued by bounty hunters for the price on his head. After locating Luke Starr (Broderick Crawford), he kills him in a shootout. Jess must return to Mexico to settle his differences before coming back for the girl.

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Trunk to Cairo
Movie #42

In a departure from his many Western roles, Audie tries his hand at murder and intrigue, á la James Bond. Here he works with a rocket scientist who is determined that the great powers of both West and East will come begging at his door. Audie thwarts his efforts by destroying the rocket. He finally persuades George Sanders not to rebuild the rocket and also wins the scientist's daughter.

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40 Guns to Apache Pass
Movie #43

Audie is back in uniform again as a Calvary officer. Bands of hostile Apaches are terrorizing settlers under Chochise's orders. While waiting for the rifles to reinforce the troops, one trooper is in favor of handing over the guns to the Indians for gold. A fight ends with the guns being recaptured and a reuniting with the men of the outpost.

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A Time for Dying
Movie #44

Produced by FIPCO, Audie Murphy's movie company. This was Audie's last movie. Unfortunately, Audie Murphy was killed before the film was finished. Consequently, 20 minutes of film featuring Audie was never shot. As a result, Audie appears in only one scene. For this reason, the film is short and doesn't hold together well. It is the story of a young gunman of the old West (played by Richard Lapp). However, he was to live and perish without renown. The character, in a sense, represented the countless young men who lived and died by the gun in the early West, but left no legend behind them. No history covered their deeds. During his young life, the gunman met Jesse James (Audie Murphy), Frank James, and Judge Roy Bean.

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