Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website Logo This image is copyrighted © 2010, by D. Phillips. All rights reserved. Used by written permission. Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website
Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website Logo This image is copyrighted © 2010, by D. Phillips. All rights reserved. Used by written permission.
This movie page is dedicated to the memory of Ms. Eva Dano who donated nearly every photo on display.
Summary, credits and photos of Audie Murphy's movies.

Apache Rifles
Movie #38
1964, 20th Century Fox/Admiral Pictures

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Summary: Set in the rugged Arizona Territory of 1879, Captain Jeff Stanton, played by Audie Murphy is a Union Calvary officer who is charged with trying to force the Indians back to their reservation. Apaches have been slipping out of their reservation and attacking settlers, farmers, and prospectors who have invaded the Indian territory. The white folks have responded by hunting down, torturing, and killing the Indians. Captain Stanton sees the injustice to the Indians and tries to help them. He captures Red Hawk, the son of an Apache chief, and uses him as a bargaining chip to successfully negotiate a truce. Unfortunately, Stanton is efforts are destroyed by a higher ranking colonel who captures Red Cloud and moves him to a Texas reservation. Stanton attempts to resign feeling as if his word to the Indians has now been broken. However, Red Hawk and and his half-Indian fiancée feel differently. Stanton remains in the cavalry to help bring about a better outcome.
Studio ... 20th Century Fox / Admiral Pictures
Released ... 1964
Genre ... Western
Length ... 92 minutes
Directed By ... William Witney
Written By ... Charles B. Smith
Kenneth Gamet (story)
Richard Schayer (story)
Produced By ... Grant Whytock
Cinematography By ... Arche R. Dalzell
Audie Murphy ... Captain Jeff Stanton
Michael Dante ... Red Hawk
Linda Lawson ... Dawn Gillis
L.Q. Jones ... Mike Greer
Kim Lynch ... Hodges
Joseph Vitale ... Victorio
Robert Brubaker ... Sergeant Cobb
Eugene Iglesias ... Corporal Ramirez
J. Pat O'Malley ... Captain Thatcher
John Archer ... Colonel Perry
Charles Watts ... Crawford Owens
Howard Wright ... Thompson
Peter Hansen ... Captain Green
Robert Karnes ... Sheriff
Hugh Sanders ... Arizona delegate
Sydney Smith ... General of the Army
S. John Launer ... General Nelson
Robert Williams ... Miller
Other Crew:
Art Director ... Frank Paul Sylos
Alexander Golitzen
Assistant Director ... Herbert S. Greene
Costumes ... Alexis Davidoff
Film Editing ... Grant Whytock
Hair Stylist ... Gladys Witten
Makeup ... Ben Nye
Vincent Romaine
Music Editor ... Sid Sidney
Original Music by ... Richard LaSalle
Production Manager ... Joseph Small
Set Decorator ... Morris Hoffman
Sound Editor ... James Richard
Sound Recordist ... Lambert E. Day
Stunts ... Fred Krone
Boyd Morgan
Jim Sheppard (Audie's double)
Norm Taylor
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