Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website Logo This image is copyrighted  2010, by D. Phillips. All rights reserved. Used by written permission. Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website
Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website Logo This image is copyrighted  2010, by D. Phillips. All rights reserved. Used by written permission.
This movie page is dedicated to the memory of Ms. Eva Dano who donated nearly every photo on display.
Summary, credits and photos of Audie Murphy's movies.

Gunfight at Comanche Creek
Movie #35
1964, Allied Artists

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Summary: Set in Comanche Creek, Colorado, 1875, Audie Murphy plays a Pinkerton-style detective in this action Western named Bob Gifford. At the same time, prisoner Jack Mason, is busted out of jail by a group of strangers. The jail breakers' motives are not selfless because they use Mason to pull a robbery. When the reward on the robber is high enough, the schemers kill him for the bounty. In the meantime, the National Detective Agency is wise to the gang's methods and sends in Detective Gifford. He pretends to be a wanted man to tempt the outlaws to take him to their hideout. They force him to rob the bank which puts a price on his head. When the price gets high enough, they plan to follow their previously successful strategy to collect the reward money. However, the tables are turned and the outlaws are soon faced with lots of surprises. But the question is how will the bait, Detective Gifford, get off the hook?
Studio ... Allied Artists
Released ... 1964
Genre ... Western
Length ... 91 minutes
Directed By ... Frank MacDonald
Written By ... Edward Bernds
Produced By ... Ben Schwalb
Cinematography By ... Joseph F. Biroc
Audie Murphy ... Bob 'Gif' Gifford
Ben Cooper ... Kid Carter
Colleen Miller ... Abbie Stevens
DeForest Kelley ... Amos Troop
Jan Merlin ... Nielson
Adam Williams ... Jed Hayden (uncredited)
Susan Seaforth Hayes ... Janie
Mort Mills ... Jack Mason
John Hubbard ... Marshal Shearer
John Milford ... Bill Peters (uncredited)
Michael T. Mikler ... 1st Deputy (uncredited)
Thomas Browne Henry ... Mike O'Brien
William Wellman, Jr. ... 2nd Deputy (uncredited)
Laurie Mitchell ... Tina Neville
Tim Graham ... Buck (uncredited)
Eddie Quillan ... Room Clerk
Damian O'Flynn ... Asa Winton
Reed Hadley ... Narrator
Other Crew:
Assistant Director ... Don Torpin
Terrence Nelson
Construction Supervisor ... James West
Costume Design by ... Eddie Armand
Film Editing ... William Austin
Hair Stylist ... Nellie Manley
Makeup ... Wally Westmore
Production Design ... Edward C. Jewell
Production Manager ... Edward Morey, Jr.
Property Master ... Max Frankel
Set Decorator ... Clarence Steensen
Set Continuity ... Hazel W. Hall
Sound Editor ... Martin Greco
Sound Recording ... Ralph Butler
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