Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website Logo This image is copyrighted  2010, by D. Phillips. All rights reserved. Used by written permission. Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website
Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website Logo This image is copyrighted  2010, by D. Phillips. All rights reserved. Used by written permission.
This movie page is dedicated to the memory of Ms. Eva Dano who donated nearly every photo on display.
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Joe Butterfly
Movie #19
1957, Universal International

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Summary: This is Audie's only comedy. Audie Murphy, in this light-hearted film, arrives at post-war Japan as Private John Woodley, a correspondent for "Yank", a military publication known as "Yank". Woodley is a photographer and gets into all kinds of trouble even though he never consciously plans for bad things to happen. When Woodley accidentally takes a picture of one of the numerous Tokyo Roses in the area the magazine is able to publish their exclusive scoop and the fun begins. Keenan Wynn, John Agar, Fred Clark, and Burgess Meredith give fine support in a role designed to help Murphy break away from his traditional roles. Filmed on location in Tokyo and Chofu Army Airfield, this movie was a great morale booster for the many men U.S. servicemen, servicewomen, and dependents stationed in Japan at the time.
Studio ... Universal International
Released ... 1957
Genre ... Comedy
Length ... 90 minutes
Directed By ... Jesse Hibbs
Written By ... Sy Gomberg
Jack Sher
Jack Ruge (play)
Evan Wylie(play)
Produced By ... Aaron Rosenberg
Cinematography By ... Irvin Glassberg
Audie Murphy ... Private John Woodley
George Nader ... Sergeant Ed Kennedy
Keenan Wynn ... Henry Hathaway
Keiko Shima ... Chieko
Fred Clark ... Colonel E. E. Fuller
John Agar ... Sergeant Dick Mason
Charles McGraw ... Sergeant Jim McNulty
Shinpei Shimazaki ... Little Boy
Reiko Higa ... False Tokyo Rose
Tatsuo Saito ... Father
Chizu Shimazaki ... Mother
Herbert Anderson ... Major Ferguson
Eddie Firestone ... Sergeant Oscar Hulick
Frank Chase ... Chief Yeoman Saul Bernheim
Harold Goodwin ... Colonel Hopper
Willard Willingham ... Soldier
Burgess Meredith ... Joe Butterfly
Other Crew:
Original Music by ... Irving Gertz
Earl E. Lawrence
Henry Mancini
Stanley Wilson
Film Editing by ... Milton Carruth
Sound ... Leslie I. Carey
Joe Lapis
Set Decorator ... Russell A. Gausman
Ray Jeffers
Art Director ... Alexander Golitzen
Alfred Sweeney
Musical Supervisor ... Joseph Gershenson
Color Consultant ... William Fritzsche
Makeup ... Bud Westmore
Technical Advisor ... Frank Dorn
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