Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website Logo This image is copyrighted  2010, by D. Phillips. All rights reserved. Used by written permission. Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website
Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website Logo This image is copyrighted  2010, by D. Phillips. All rights reserved. Used by written permission.
This movie page is dedicated to the memory of Ms. Eva Dano who donated nearly every photo on display.
Summary, credits and photos of Audie Murphy's movies.

The Red Badge of Courage
Movie #7
1951, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

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Summary: Based on Stephen Crane's classic novel, this is a story about a frightened boy, Henry Fleming (Audie) who went into battle and came out of it a man with courage. He is extremely scared on the inside but talks tough on the outside. He initially finds out during his first engagement that being in battle causes him to panic and run away. He sees his comrades wounded and regards them in an envious way wishing that he too had a red badge of courage. He gathers back his courage and leads the men on an aggressive attack carrying the colors. He is later recognized by the general for leading the charge. This movie was directed by the legendary John Huston who insisted over the protests of studio executives that Audie play the lead role. This is one of Audie's finest performances.
Studio ... Metro-Goldwyn Mayer
Released ... 1951
Genre ... War
Length ... 69 minutes
Directed By ... John Huston
Written By ... Stephen Crane (Novel)
Albert Band
John Huston
Produced By ... Gottfried Reinhardt
Cinematography By ... Harold Rosson
Music by ... Bronislau Kaper
Film Editing by ... Ben Lewis
Audie Murphy ... Henry Fleming
Andy Devine ... The Cheerful Soldier
Robert Easton Burke ... Thompson
Douglas Dick ... The Lieutenant
Tim Durant ... The General
Arthur Hunnicutt ... Bill Porter
Royal Dano ... The Tattered Soldier
John Dierkes ... Jim Conklin
Bill Mauldin ... Tom Wilson
Smith Ballew ... Captain (uncredited)
Whit Bissell ... Wounded Officer (uncredited)
Robert Cherry ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Dick Curtis ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Gloria Eaton ... Woman at Farm (uncredited)
Lynn Farr ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Jim Hayward ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Ed Hinton ... Corporal (uncredited)
I. Stanford Jolley ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Fred Kohler, Jr. ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Emmett Lynn ... Jake (uncredited)
Joel Marston ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Frank McGraw ... Captain (uncredited)
Robert Nichols ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Lou Nova ... Bit Part (uncredited)
George Offerman ... Bit Part (uncredited)
House Peters, Jr. ... Passing Soldier (uncredited)
William Phillips ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Buddy Roosevelt ... Bit Part (uncredited)
William Schallert ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Glenn Strange ... Colonel (uncredited)
Frank Sully ... Bit Part (uncredited)
Dan White ... Sergeant (uncredited)
Guy Wilkerson ... Bit Part (uncredited)
James Whitmore ... Narration (uncredited)
Other Crew:
Art Director ... Hans Peters
Cedric Gibbons
Set Director ... Fred M. MacLean
Edwin B. Willis
Special Effects ... Warren Newcombe
Recording Supervisor ... Hans Peters
Sound ... Douglas Shearer
Music ... Robert Franklyn
Costumes ... Bill Thomas
Makeup ... William Tuttle
Hair Stylist ... name goes here
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