Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website Logo This image is copyrighted  2010, by D. Phillips. All rights reserved. Used by written permission. Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website
Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website Logo This image is copyrighted  2010, by D. Phillips. All rights reserved. Used by written permission.
This movie page is dedicated to the memory of Ms. Eva Dano who donated nearly every photo on display.
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Movie #10
1952, Universal International Pictures

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Summary: Reb Kittridge, played by Audie Murphy, is hired by villans to go after rancher Dan Saxon. But Reb decides to defend the rancher after learning interesting facts. Later, Reb wins Saxon's ranch on a cut of the cards. Unknowingly to Reb, Saxon has other reasons for losing the ranch. Shortly afterwards, Reb finds out there is no money to pay the cowhands. The only way to save the ranch and pay its employees is to drive the cattle to market. Unfortunately, at every turn, Telford, who wants the land, tries to thwart Reb's every attempt to save his ranch by keeping him from getting the cattle to town. Telford, with the help of Johnny Lake, does everything he can, including bushwacking, starting a wildfire, and stampeding the cattle, to prevent Reb from getting his cattle to town and the railhead. Will Reb figure out a way to overcome the treachery and save his ranch?
Studio ... Universal International Pictures
Released ... 1953
Genre ... Western
Length ... 79 minutes
Directed By ... Nathan Juran
Written By ... Norman A. Fox
D. D. Beauchamp
Produced By ... Aaron Rosenberg
Cinematography By ... Charles P. Boyle
Harvey Gould
Audie Murphy ... Reb Kittridge
Susan Cabot ... Rita "Kitten" Saxon
Paul Kelley ... Dan Saxon
Charles Drake ... Johnny Lake
Mary Castle ... Cora Dufrayne
Jack Kelly ... Curly Mather
Jesse White ... Professor
Don Randolph ... Matt Telford
William Reynolds ... Brazos
Chubby Johnson ... Doc Farrell
Philo McCullough ... Abner Sneed
Stanley Mack ... Uncredited
Other Crew:
Musical Director ... Joseph Gershenson
Music ... Herman Stein (uncredited)
Costume Design ... Rosemary Odell
Film Editing by ... Ted J. Kent
Sound ... Leslie I. Carey
Color Consultant ... William Fritzsche
Set Decorator ... Russell A. Gausman
Ray Jeffers
Art Director ... Robert F. Boyle
Alexander Golitzen
Assistant Director ... William Holland
Sound Director ... Robert Pritchard
Makeup ... Bud Westmore
Hair Stylist ... Joan St. Oegger
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