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Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website Logo This image is copyrighted  2010, by D. Phillips. All rights reserved. Used by written permission.
Award criteria referenced from Texas Code, Subtitle C, Chapter 431, Sub Chapter J.
Military Awards Earned by Audie Murphy

Medal #23
Texas Legislative Medal of Honor
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Texas Legislative Medal of Honor
Texas Legislative Medal of Honor

The Texas Legislative Medal of Honor is a state military award. According to Texas State Law ...

"... The Texas Legislative Medal of Honor shall be awarded to a member of the state or federal military forces (effective June 20, 2003) designated by concurrent resolution of the legislature who voluntarily performs a deed of personal bravery or self-sacrifice involving risk of life that is so conspicuous as to clearly distinguish the person for gallantry and intrepidity above the person's comrades. Awarding of the medal shall be considered on the standard of extraordinary merit. The medal may be awarded only on incontestable proof of performance of the deed" (see Texas Code, Subtitle C, Chapter 431, Sub Chapter J).

Award Ceremony,
October 29, 2013
Farmersville, Texas
Award Ceremony Video

In 2010 Mr. Dave Phillips discovered that Audie Murphy, a native Texan, had never been nominated for this award despite being generally accepted as America's Most Decorated Combat Soldier of World War II.

To correct this oversight, a nomination was submitted to Texas State Representative Dan Flynn by Mr. Phillips on behalf of Audie's surviving sister, Mrs. Nadine Murphy Lockey, and reviewed by a nominating committee.

Newspaper Articles,
Award Ceremony
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Dallas Morning News
Texas Tribune
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Herald De Paris

Because the state could approve only one award every two years and because other worthy long-standing nominations were being considered, Audie Murphy's nomination for the award was tabled by the committee.

In February 2013, in a pre-emptive strike and in anticipation of Audie's re-nomination, a bill (HB 1589) was filed by State Representative Philip Cortez which would permit the Governor of Texas to award two Texas Legislative Medals of Honor during each regular legislative session. Under the proposal, one award would be authorized for service up to 1956 and another award for military service after 1956. To be legal, the Governor needed to approve the proposed law.

Television Reports,
Award Ceremony
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On April 29, 2013, Dave Phillips re-submitted the nomination for Audie Murphy through State Representative Pat Fallon. In an effort organized by Mr. Phillips, Mr. Richard Rodgers, and members of this website, thousands of fans world-wide began telephoning and writing the nominating committee and the Texas Governor's office and staff, asking for approval of Audie Murphy's nomination.

On May 6, 2013 the selection committee unanimously approved Audie Murphy as one of two nominations to the Texas State Legislature. Shortly afterwards the Texas State House of Representatives and the Texas State Senate approved the nominations. While phone calls and emails were still being sent, the nominations were sent to the Governor for signature.

Radio Broadcast
KETR, Austin Tx.

When both nominations reached the desk of Texas Governor Rick Perry the other legislation, known as House Bill (HB) 1589, previously given to Governor Perry's office which would legally authorize two awards, was unnoticed and overlooked. HB 1589 remained unsigned as the regular legislative session ended. In the interim, with the phone calls and emails still pouring in, State Senator Van de Putte filed another resolution to correct this error but Audie Murphy's nomination died since there was no longer a legal basis to award a second medal.

Read HB 1589
Read HCR 3
HCR 3 Timeline & Detail

With the help of more fan email, phone calls, and a New York Times newspaper article, Governor Perry realized his error and quickly approved the pending legislation authorizing two awards. Unfortunately, the Audie Murphy nomination had expired. It would have to be resubmitted to the legislative nomination committee in 2015 and, if recommended, the entire process would have to begin again.

Fortunately Governor Perry called a special legislative session to consider unfinished business to the regular 2013 session. This meant that the nomination could again go through the Texas State House and Senate for approval. If approved by the Texas legislature, the Audie Murphy's award could be awarded by the Governor before the special session ended.

Popular support had not waned. Yet despite an overwhelming stream of emails and phone calls to the Texas State Capitol, the nomination failed to be resurrected in the Texas Legislature before the first special session ended.

But it wasn't over. Governor Perry called a second special session and Texas State Representative Scott Turner, District 33, stepped forward and took charge of the mishandled legislation. As the sponsor of a new house resolution known as HCR 3 directing Governor Perry to award the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor to Audie Murphy, Representative Turner quickly moved his bill forward, gathered over 40 co-sponsors, and successfully brought the bill to a vote where it was unanimously approved by the Texas State House of Representatives. Days later, just before the second special session ended, Representative Turner's bill was unanimously approved by the Texas State Senate. The bill was immediately presented to Governor Perry's office for signature while countless phone calls and emails were still being received.

On August 19, 2013 after 3 previous failed attempts Governor Rick Perry approved the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor for Audie Murphy.

On a cool windy overcast day of October 29, 2013, in Northeast Texas, Governor Rick Perry travelled to downtown Farmersville to present the award formally to Nadine Murphy Lockey. Many dignitaries were present and before the hour was up, Audie Murphy was posthumously awarded the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor concluding a process begun more than three years earlier as a grassroots effort. Before the day ended, local and state media picked up the story and began publishing and broadcasting the event nationwide.

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