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Audie Murphy's television series

The Interpreter
Episode #22
Unaired: episode has been lost

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"The Interpreter" was one of six episodes that were lost and despite the best efforts of many people, this particular episode remains yet to be located. Little is known about "The Interpreter" but some interesting information concerning it is available.

In the fall of 2010, Ms. Shirley Jean Paulk, a fan of Audie Murphy and a frequent visitor of the Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website, wrote a letter to the licensed distributor of the Whispering Smith CD collection and made an inquiry regarding the status of the missing episode. Below is the email reply she received dated November 5, 2010:

Sent: Friday, November 5, 2010
Subject: Whispering Smith Video

The missing episode, The Interpreter, has been lost to time. NBC Universal and Timeless Media Group spent a lot of time trying to track it down, as it was not in the NBC vaults, where the other episodes came from, with the exception of the five unaired programs in the set which came from the film library at UCLA. The Library of Congress, the National Archives, and collectors around the country were contacted, and The Interpreter was no where to be found. I donít think the missing episode was a victim of the Congressional hearings, which concentrated on The Grudge, another episode included in the set.

We regret not being able to include The Interpreter in the Whispering Smith set, but we remain unable to locate it. It is like it never existed.

I do not know who the guest stars were, or what the plot was, either. Hope this helps.

Denver Collins
Timeless Media Group
Broadcasting Network ... NBC
Originally Aired ... Never broadcast
Genre ... Western / Drama
Length ... approximately 25:30 minutes
Audie Murphy ... Tom "Whispering" Smith
Guy Mitchell ... George Romack
Sam Buffington ... John Richards
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