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Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website Logo This image is copyrighted  2010, by D. Phillips. All rights reserved. Used by written permission.
Special Appearances on Screen and Television

Hollywood Fights Back
Date:October 10, 1947
Host:Charles Boyer
Sponsor:Committee of the First Amendment
Length: 29:10 minutes
Appeared at: 18:20 minutes
Description: Audie Murphy, most decorated combat soldier of World War II, is among many guests who speak out against the government's"House Committee on Un-American Activities". The guests express concern that the committee's action was limiting basic human rights guaranteed by the constitution. Audie Murphy appears in the radio show at about 18:20 in the half-hour broadcast.
Eddie Cantor Show
Date:November 13, 1947
Broadcaster:NBC Radio
Host:Eddie Cantor
Sponsor:Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
Length: 29:29 minutes
Appeared at: 24:12 minutes
Description: Audie Murphy makes an appearance to promote Christmas gifts for disabled veterans. Audie Murphy asks listeners to buy an extra gift when shopping for holiday gifts. Audie Murphy appears in the radio show at about 24:12 in the half-hour broadcast.
This is Your Life
Date:March 8, 1949
Broadcaster:NBC Radio
Host:Ralph Edwards
Episode No :YLR018
Source 1: Audie Murphy Research Foundation Newsletter Vol. #9, p6-12
Source 2:
Guests:Wanda Hendrix Murphy, Mrs. Biff Connelly, Claudean Tipton, Monroe Hackney, Walter Weispfennig, Martin Kelly, and James Fife.
Description: Audie Murphy, most decorated combat soldier of World War II, was the guest honoree and became very emotional when his deceased war-buddy's daughter, Claudean Tipton, unexpectedly during the broadcast. On March 7, 1949 NBC dramatized Audie Murphy's exploits on a This is Your Life radio show hosted by Ralph Edwards which was broadcast nationwide. While this show was portrayed as a "surprise", in actuality it was part of a publicity tour set up by the publisher of Audie Murphy's new book To Hell and Back. This episode is explained in much greater detail in the Audie Murphy Research Foundation Newsletter, Volume #9 and includes an entire article extracted from Photoplay Magazine, June 1954, on the broadcast.
Hedda Hopper's Hollywood
Date:November 11, 1950
Broadcaster:NBC Radio
Host:Hedda Hopper
Sponsor:Proctor & Gamble
Length: 26:25 minutes
Appeared at: 9:29 minutes
Description: At a time when the United States was engaged in the Korean War, Audie Murphy makes an appearance to promote "universal military training". Audie Murphy, a member of the Texas National Guard, encouraged all abled-bodied citizens to be prepared to do their part on behalf of their country. Also appearing at a different part of the show was Senator-elect Richard Nixon speaking about the Korean War.
The Fields Are Green
Date:October 9, 1951
Broadcaster:NBC Radio
Program:Calvacade of America
Episode:The Fields Are Green
Direct link:
Description: In this 1951 radio drama, Audie plays the part of Walt Carlin, who together with his brother, decides to buy the family farm from their parents. The brothers adopt modern and improved farming methods as advocated by the 'Future Farmers of America'. Over the years, with hard work and careful planning, the young men turned the farm into a productive and prosperous concern.
What's My Line
Date:July 3, 1955
Film Co.:Goodson-Todman Productions
Moderator:John Daly
Panelists:Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, Dorothy Kilgallen, and Robert Q. Lewis.
Description: Audie Murphy is the third guest to sign in and is the episode's "Mystery Guest" during game number 3. He was preceeded in game 1 by a professional flagpole sitter and in by a false teeth saleswoman in game 2.
I've Got A Secret
Date:September 7, 1955
Film Co.:Goodson-Todman Productions
Host:Don McNeil (substitute for Garry Moore)
Panelists:Henry Morgan, Faye Emerson, Audrey Meadows and Bill Cullen.
Description: Audie Murphy's secret was that he was going to put Henry Morgan at the military position of "attention". The panelists left the stage so the secret could be revealed to the audience. The panelists then returned blindfolded when the game began. Audie laughed and said some funny quips at Henry Morgan. When the game was over, Audie was also given a carton of Winston cigarettes despite the fact that he did not smoke.
Date:November 25, 1957
Episode No :Season 1, Episode 9
Director:James Neilson
Writers:Gene L. Coon, Halsted Welles
Source 1:Internet Movie Data Base
Source 2:TV Guide.Com
Cast:"Audie Murphy, Jack Warden, Susan Kohner, and Everett Sloane"
Summary:A former navy pilot, played by Audie Murphy, is hired to fly a mysterious cargo to Bermuda and discovers en-route that the cargo is human and the destination altered.
G.E. Theater
Date:February 9, 1958
Film Co.:Revue Productions
Film # :1191
Host:Ronald Reagan
Episode No :Season 6, Episode 18
Source 1:Internet Movie Data Base
Cast:Darryl Hickman, Audie Murphy, Robert Patten, Jack Richardson, K.L. Smith, and Russell Thorson
Description: At the time of this writing (May 2010), not much could be learned about the "Incident" episode and it was believed lost along with many other episodes from the 1954-1962 television series. In 2010, G.E. (General Electric) as part of a $10 million endowment made to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Valley presented to Nancy Reagan all episodes completely restored and remastered as part of a two year celebration of the late president's birthday. Hopefully, the episode will soon become available and a synopsis of the plot can be provided.
You Asked For It
Sponsors:Studebaker and Skippy Peanut Butter
Producers:Cran Chamberlin and Tommy Tomlinson
Directors:Bill Webb, Fred Gadette, and Don Henderson
Writers:Bill Webb, Rick Mittleman, and Gomer Cool
Photography:Don Henderson and James Crabe
Film Editors:Ande Vail and John Winfried
Production Coordinator:Leilani Seay
Program Secretary:June Gualin
Music Conductor:Ron Granier
Distribution Company:S.F. Worldwide Distribution
Host:Jack Smith
Guests:Audie Murphy, Harold Faring, and Dallas Clark
Horses Appearing:Joe Queen, Apache Agent, and Bond Issue
Summary: Audie is interviewed by the host while both are on horseback. The location appears to be at Audie's Ranch at Perris, California. Audie's interest in quarter horses is discussed as well as how quarter horses are trained to work cattle. Joe Queen, under the direction of Harold Fahring, provides pacing demonstrations which are required for a horse to compete in professional shows. Audie explains each pacing maneuver which includes the "dry routine, step routine, and dry slide". Joe Queen also demonstrates how quarter horses actually work and cut cattle without any commands provided by the trainer. Other footage, filmed at Pomona Race Track show Apache Agent getting a bath and Bond Issue running the quarter mile time trial in 22 seconds flat under the direction of trainer Dallas Clark. Audie provides the voice-over explanation.
The Big Picture: Beyond the Call
Media:Army Film Documentary
Producer:U.S. Army Signal Corps
Documentary Series:THE BIG PICTURE
Source:Library of Congress (LOC # unknown)
Source:Source 1: (LOC # unknown)
Summary:An army documentary of military heroes from the first world war through the Korean war. Audie Murphy makes an appearance using army file footage shot during TO HELL AND BACK and other army productions about 15 minutes, 30 seconds into the film.
Dinah Shore Chevy Show
Date:September 27, 1959
Episode Number:3.52
Season :3
Production Company:Henry Jaffe Enterprises
Directed by:Alan Handley
Produced by:Alan Handley
Written by:Milt Rosen and Jack Brooks
Stand-in Hosts:Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Guests:Edia Adams, Connie France, Audie Murphy, Eddy Arnold, John Terrin, Rafael mendez, Sons of the Pioneers, Dodie and Debbie Rogers, and the Rudell Brothers
Summary:Televised in black and white and formerly known as the "Chevy Show", Audie Murphy makes an appearance to promote his TV series "Whispering Smith". Audie also sings, jokes, and shows off some of his horsemanship skills.
Note:This episode can be viewed at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. (Library of Congress Reference Number: 98507797)
Broken Bridge
Media:Army Film Documentary
Producer:U.S. Army
Documentary Series:THE BIG PICTURE
Source 1:National Archives and Records Administration
Cast:"Audie Murphy, Jack Warden, Susan Kohner, and Everett Sloane"
Summary:With cameo appearances from Terry and Skipper Murphy, Audie Murphy's sons, Audie reviews the advances and changes in military weaponry and the introduction of missiles in a post-World War II / Cold War era. This Army produced documentary is filmed in on location in Europe and the United States.
Ford Startime Theater
Date:January 5, 1960
Episode:"The Man"
Episode No:Episode 14
Producer:Robert Northshield
Director:Robert Stevens
Screenplay:James Cavanagh
Source 1:Internet Movie Data Base
Source 2:Classic TV Archives
Cast:Audie Murphy, Thelma Ritter, Michael J. Pollard, Joseph Campanella, Joseph Sullivan, William Hickey
Summary:A live TV thriller about a quiet man who comes to town looking for the mother of his old army buddy Using believable as well as improbable lies to enter her home, he quickly proves impossible to get rid of . . . in fact we begin to suspect he may even be homicidal! This is a finely honed psychological portrait of the surprisingly large number of sets, and the professional calibre of Audie Murphy's and Thelma Ritter's performances all make for the highest quality TV drama. Well done! 50 minutes. (Source of Summary: Video Images, Box C-137, Sandy Hook, Connecticut 06482)
Whispering Smith
Date:May 8 - September 18, 1961
Episode:25 episodes, only 20 televised
Producer:Herbert Coleman, Williard Willingham
Director:Robert Stevens
Source 1:Internet Movie Data Base
Source 2:Timeless Videos
Cast:Audie Murphy, Guy Mitchell, Sam Buffington
Summary:One of the rarest and most sought after of all television westerns, Whispering Smith featured Audie Murphy, America's most decorated combat veteran in World War II, as a Denver-based railroad detective in the Old West of the 1870's. Available on DVD through
War is Hell
Date:October 23, 1963
Director:Burt Topper
Screenwriter:Burt Topper
Distributor:Allied Artist Pictures
Source:Internet Movie Data Base
Cast:Baynes Barron, Michael Bell, Bobby Byles, Wally Campo, Tony Russell, Burt Topper
Narrator:Audie Murphy
Summary:Set during the Korean War, an overly-ambitious, medal-seeking sergeant directs his soldiers to engage the enemy but does not inform them that a ceasefire has just been issued. Things get sticky when the troops begin to suspect something isn't right.
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